The new manifesto for Retail Success!

How to Manage, Market and Measure
Your Way to Retail Success in 90 days!
Even if You Have No Time or Money.

My method for working with independent retailers and restaurants is proven to work and I am going to help you recreate that process through this book. We'll do it together with a combination of honest assessments, education, real life stories for inspiration, lots of ideas to jump start your process, completing a series of building blocks and finally, creating a 90-day plan to address your specific issues and goals. That plan will help you to create the unique breakthroughs in your business you've been hoping for. I know that because it has worked for my clients time and time again!

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Accelerate your success with these effective – and affordable - training programs.


Live webinars guide you through the exact Growing Small process for correctly identifying – and solving- key issues blocking your business success.

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Intense and effective, we offer bootcamp webinars for startups and restaurants.

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Just you and me

One-on-one consulting focused exclusively on you!

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What people say about Growing Small

“I was skeptical in the beginning and thought I already knew how to run my business effectively. The program quickly opened my eyes and within a couple months my sales had improved by 10 percent!”

Boutique Owner - Ft. Worth, TX

“The program was very beneficial for our family-owned business. It motivated us to reach outside our comfort zone and to perform tasks to increase sales. The tools continue to help us stay on track and thrive.”

Breakfast Restaurant Noblesville, IN

“As first time business owners you constantly wonder how to improve your business strategy. This program helped us fine tune our strategy, develop new ideas and stay focused. “

Beauty Store - Atlanta, GA

“Angel taught me to become a true entrepreneur. I worked as an employee at my company but when I stepped back and worked on my business, it changed my life and the success of my salon."

Salon )wner - Kissimmee Fl

What am I getting into?

Maybe you're stuck. Or you're just in the planning stages of your retail adventure. Maybe you started your business pre-recession and can't seem to recover. Or you opened post- recession and are having trouble navigating the ever-changing retail environment. Maybe you're just curious. Whatever the reason, you want to succeed and investing in a 90-day program to do just that seems reasonable.

Growing Small will:

  • Help you take back control of your business and its success

  • Provide education about and solutions for the most common problems facing independent retailers today

  • Hold a mirror to your business reality so you can reflect honestly on your issues and challenges

  • Create realistic expectations

  • Offer proven, real life ideas for inspiration

  • Help and encourage you to create and implement your own 90-day plan for success